Limo Tours Melbourne

Enjoy luxury limo tours of Melbourne and see the city in a whole new light

Melbourne is probably one of the best cities in the world to experience an unforgettable time with your loved ones. The city offers the best of both worlds; a heaven for nature lovers and a heaven for the urban adventurers. Our limo tours in Melbourne are perfect for the people who want to enjoy the sights around the city.

If you are visiting Melbourne for a holiday trip and you are looking for something to make your trip a bit more special, then we promise you that an exciting adventure awaits you at VHA Town Cars.

Discover the hidden delights of Melbourne with our luxury limo tours


We are one of the best service providers for sightseeing, shopping and winery tours in Melbourne. We take you on an exploration of the city’s beautiful surroundings in our stylish limousines. We promise you that our passion and enthusiasm to make your tours special will make your day a memorable one.

The list of our touring services extends to the following:

Winery tours:

At VHA Town Cars, our limousines are equipped with fascinating amenities to make your winery tours exciting. We have a range of gorgeous limousines that can comfortably accommodate up to 18 passengers. With our exquisite service taking you to the finest wineries across the city, we assure you that you will definitely enjoy a unique wine tasting experience.

Moreover, we offer various wine tour packages so you can choose the one which best suits your budget.

Shopping tours:

When you are in the city, you don’t want to miss some of the finest shopping malls in the country. If you are looking to shop in comfort, look no further, because our limousines are fully air-conditioned and they are driven by experienced chauffeurs who have extensive knowledge about Melbourne’s best shopping malls. Our drivers will ensure you get to your destination in time without any fuss.

Restaurant tours:

Are you looking to enjoy a unique Australian fine dining experience? Our limo tours in Melbourne will take you to dine at the finest restaurants in the city. Whether it’s a restaurant on the beach or your favorite dining place downtown, we have the finest and most suitable limousines to suit your unique transport needs. Apart from driving you in luxury, our chauffeurs also recommend the best place in town depending on your taste. So together with your friends and family, you can have a memorable dining experience.

Contact us:

If you want to ensure that all eyes are on you when you arrive at your destination, then feel free to hire our limo tours in Melbourne, by contacting us at 0423 500 000